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App Ban|Chinese app alternatives - Here are the alternatives to top Chinese apps

Following the border dispute along LAC, India has witnessed a rising anti-China sentiment that led to official ban of more than 50 Chinese apps since the apps posed a threat to the security and privacy of the users in India. 

In recent times we’ve seen Mi Browser collecting search queries even in the incognito mode and sending them to China, similarly, we’ve seen TikTok being accused of sending Draft videos to servers in China. There have been many instances with one common issue: user data being sent to Chinese servers disregarding the privacy of users. Any data that is held in China is wide open to access by Chinese Authorities and this has sparked major concern among most users.

Most users feel that the app ecosystem in India and abroad has been taken over by the Chinese apps for the most part and are slowly trying to move away from this. We’ve also seen several people announcing their decision to reduce dependence on Chinese products including smartphones, appliances, and even smartphone applications now. If you feel the same and want to find alternatives for commonly used Chinese apps then here are a few to get you started.

Some popular Chinese apps and their best alternatives - 

Tik Tok / Kwai / Likee / Vigo / Bigo live / Vmate / Helo

These apps were popular short video-sharing social media platforms that had colonized the Indian internet space and digital market in recent years. ByteDance's TikTok was most popular among them with almost 1.5 billion downloads. 

| Indian and other alternatives |

#Chingari : Chingari is a short video app like TikTok, available for Android and iOS in multiple Indian languages. Chingari pays its content creators depending on how viral a video becomes and awards points to users for every video they upload, which can be exchanged for rewards. 

#ShareChat : Sharechat is India's own video - sharing social media platform which is far better than TikTok. It's Twitter-backed app developed by Mohalla tech. 
Sharechat is available in 15-16 Indian languages and have almost 100 million users. 

#Roposo : it's also a video creation and content sharing app which is designed and developed by the three IIT - Delhi alumni. 

Other alternatives  ~ Facebook | Instagram | Dubsmash | MX Taka Tak | Mitron

        SHAREit / XENDER 

These apps were fast file-sharing tools and commonly used by almost every mobile users. 

| Indian and other alternatives |

#JioSwitch : 
it's a great tool for sharing all-type files. It's developed by Reliance Jio digital to counter Chinese apps. 
This app ensures fastest file-sharing between Android devices. 
#Shareall : 
Shareall is an Android file sharing application developed by the Indian startup Quantum4u Lab. Users can share files, movies, videos, apps etc with other Android phones without the use of the internet. 

#Zshare : 
Developed by Shravan Hegde from Dharwad, Karnataka, Z Share transfers files like images, videos and pdfs. Available on Android, the average speed of transfers is 6 mbps and has a rating of 4.9 on the Playstore.

Other alternatives ~ FilesGo | Google Drive | Dropbox |


| Indian and other alternatives |

#Jio_Browser :  An Indian alternative for China-origin browsers. Designed and developed by Reliance Jio Digital. The app has features like, dark theme, incognito mode, offline pages, QR code scanner, regional language support and desktop mode. This flagship Indian browser currently supports eight different languages with a home screen that displays local news content.

#Bharat_Browser & #Indian_Browser : Both are Indian app with over 1 million happy users 

Other alternatives ~ Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Microsoft Edge |

            BAIDU MAP/

| Indian and other alternatives |

#MapMyIndia : This is an Indian mapping application which uses ISRO's 'Bhuvan' satellite view. 

This is more accurate, easy to use, made in India application. 
Its features include live tracking, live location analytics and navigation. Users can discover restaurants, events, malls and other locations and events nearby. 


| Indian and other alternatives |

#Ajio : This is developed by Reliance Jio Digital and owned by Reliance retail. Most authentic, secure and easy to use.

Apart from fashion, it also provides a handpicked selection of tech accessories and gadgets. The app features quicker check-outs, instant bank discounts and offers premium fashion brands.

#Myntra and #Snapdeal :

 Myntra was founded in 2007 as an Indian fashion e-commerce company but was sold to Flipkart in 2015. Myntra offers the latest clothing and fashion for men, women and kids. 

Snapdeal an Indian e-commerce company started as a daily deals platform in 2010 but expanded into an online marketplace in 2011. Snapdeal offers 85 million products, daily deals, prizes and coupons to customers. 


| Indian and other alternatives |

#Hike :

Hike is an Indian-alternative of China's Wechat. 
It's also a good alternative of WhatsApp.
It has been a popular messaging, video sharing multi purpose app which supports the use of stickers and is available on multiple platforms. It claims to have over 100 million users.
Hike also offers the Big Screen, where users can watch shows and interact.
#Elyments : 

Elyments is an Indian social media app available for iOS and Android mobile phones. It was launched on 5 July 2020 by vice president of India , days after a national ban on TikTok, as part of an initiative to promote software made in India. The app is similar in functionality to existing social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.It's made by 1000 software professionals. 

   MI VIDEO CALL / Zoom 

| Indian and other alternatives |

#JioMeet : JioMeet is a HD video conferencing app developed by Reliance jio digital.

JioMeet is made in India free video-conferencing application. It can be used for 1:1 video calls and hosting meetings with up to 100 participants with enterprise-grade host controls.
It's easy to use, more reliable for users. 

#BlueJeans : The BlueJeans mobile video conferencing app for Android allows you to use your Android phone or tablet to join a virtual meeting or connect to a large company event such as a town hall.
It's developed and owned by Airtel. 

BlueJeans is the world's leader in cloud video conferencing. Easily and securely hold live video calls, webinars, conference calls, and online meetings. 

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